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Q: What is a VRC?
A: The VRC is a Volunteer Reception Center for disasters.
The VRC prequalifies volunteers for organized efforts during hurricane season, floods, fires, etc. in Hernando County. The purpose of this initiative is to help ensure the readiness of the community to manage un-affiliated volunteers in the aftermath of disaster through community collaboration, planning, training and exercising of emergency procedures. The program was designed to build new alliances between volunteer managers and a variety of emergency management, first responder and community organizations. 

United Way of Hernando County has an ongoing database of citizens who may be called upon in case of a disaster. Volunteers will be matched accordingly with the needs of the community. If you are in the medical, construction, transportation, communication, labor force, food service, security, and/or counseling fields, the community would need your help.

Q: What is a Core Volunteer?
A: A VRC Core Volunteer plays a vital role in helping organize the VRC.

VRC Core Volunteer positions may include:

  • Greeters
  • Registration
  • Interviewers
  • Phone Bank workers
  • Data Agency/Coordinator & Entry
  • Safety Trainers
  • Volunteer ID Staff
  • Maps/Dispatch
  • Runners

Q: Why do we need a VRC?
A: We need a VRC for several reason:

  • It provides a single specific location for volunteers to gather at, rather than several spontaneous and random locations; this reduces confusion and saves time and resources.
  • Having a location improves the communication process between agencies and organizations needing volunteers, and those providing volunteers.
  • It also increases the flow of accurate information between the volunteers, agencies and organizations.
  • Having a single location and process for managing volunteers eliminates the chaos that comes when volunteers are confused about where to report, what they need to do to be allowed into the site, and what specific job they are needed most for at that time.

Q: Where is the VRC located?
A: This location has not been determined as of yet, since we are not in an emergency situation. However, it will be posted the on United Way's 2-1-1 RESOURCE CENTER after a disaster and Hernado County's Emergency Management instructs United Way to activate the VRC. Click HERE or dial 2-1-1 after a disaster.

Q: After an emergency, where can I go for local resources?
A: Use the United Way's 2-1-1 RESOURCE LINE
-The Weather Channel
-Hernando County Emergency Management

-State of Florida
-FEMA - Emergeny Food and Shelter Program (EFSP)

Q: As a Volunteer for the VRC, what should I bring to the VRC?
A: Make sure you are comfortable during your volunteer hours. The following items are suggestions for your personal volunteer emergency kit: snacks, drinks, toilet tissue, bug spray, flashlight, radio, extra batteries, soap, lawn chair, and any personal medications needed. Remember, this kit is for you personally in order to keep you working comfortably during this time.

A: Fill out a Volunteer Hernando Application today. Specify your interest in the VRC and your contact information will be kept on file and forwarded to the VRC Volunteer Coordinator for future questioning.

Q: Where do I go if I'm interested in becoming a Core VRC Volunteer? What if I have a dedicated group that is interested?
A: Contact United Way's CEO and VRC Director by email or phone 352-688-2026.


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