NEEDS Program


United Way of Hernando County developed a tool specifically geared towards assisting corporate employees. As we've learned during Workplace Campaign presentations, community members are grateful to be employed, but some still continue to struggle every day. Perhaps they struggle with a personal issue, or a health or financial situation. No matter the struggle, United Way believes investing time in corporate associates by helping them meet their NEEDS. This is how we plan on making the positive change in our community which we all strive for.

In most situations, an employee in NEED of assistance normally has too much pride to ask for help directly. So United Way pledges, let the help come to you! Have your corporate Human Resources Department contact United Way of Hernando County to schedule an appropriate time to apply the NEEDS Program during a lunch break or short staff meeting. Let our trained professionals come in and have a one on one sit down with an employee in NEED of help. United Way's 2-1-1 Resource Line & Website is full of local information that our trained representative can help guide anyone through. Connecting community members with the proper resources is key!

It takes us all working together to build the kind of community for which we all hope for.