Publix Appreciation Week 2022

Publix #1 United Way Global Corporate Leader

Thank YOU Publix Associates

Publix Appreciation Week: March 14th - 18th

United Way of Hernando County is Thankful for Publix

Your support not only helps local residents but also strengthens United Way's mission to bridge gaps in services. In a time of uncertainty, United Way was able to mobilize resources for food distribution, child care, mental health services, shelter, employment, and distribution of PPE and essential supplies to areas experiencing shortages. At United Way, we are proud to live our mission every day. This wouldn't be possible without the support of Publix Super Market Charities and the hard-working Publix Associates. We are grateful and appreciative for donors like you. 

We heart Publix

Click below to see why United Way and their Partner Agencies love Publix:

"To Our Friends at Publix,
On behalf of our Board of Directors & staff, United Way Partner Programs, and the thousands of Hernando residents and families you impact every year by investing in United Way, we THANK YOU! Although there's not a day that goes by where we are not grateful for the love and support our local Stores & Associates have for United Way, however - THIS WEEK IS FOR YOU! It is a week dedicated to thank yous, in-store surprises, homemade cards, success stories, and thoughtful gifts of appreciation for YOU. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for recognizing the need for our community to continuously band together. Our team knows just how hard you've fought for our community throughout the Pandemic.

We see you, we love you, and we appreciate your partnership more than you will ever know. Thank you for being a part of our United Way Family, and thank you for LIVING UNITED!"
-Angie B. Walasek, Executive Director/CEO

"Publix Friends- THANK YOU! We here at United Way of Hernando County couldn't do what we do without YOU. Because of you we are able to be there for people at their lowest and most vulnerable, we are able to make a lasting difference in the lives of so many from all walks of life and we are able to provide support to so many different organizations in the community that are out there changing lives. Words can't express just how grateful we are for YOU, we know how hard you work and we see how dedicated you are to your company and your community.

Thank you for supporting, for believing in, and for investing in United Way. And of course for LIVING UNITED."
-Cyndi Gleusner, Finance Director

"Thank you for making every Publix store feel like home, and not like every other big box store! I love having a personalized shopping experience!"

United Way of Hernando County and its Board of Directors would like to thank both the managers and associates of Publix for their selflessness. Below are comments shared by Board Members expressing their gratitude and thanks.

"Your continued support of United Way is greatly appreciated! As a result of your generosity non-profit agencies are able to provide much needed assistance to families in Hernando County. Be assured, the support you provide does make a difference to these hurting families. Our community also appreciates the wonderful shopping experience we always have at your fine stores. Absolutely the most helpful, pleasant employees I know of anywhere! THANK YOU, PUBLIX!!!"

"Thank you for supporting United Way Hernando. Your Partnership helps United Way achieve our goals of Health, Education, Financial Stability and Crises Prevention for our community"
-Pat Crowley

"Thank you Publix for all your support to the Hernando County Community. Your stores have been an anchor of stability, pride and the correct way to treat customers. I am always greeted by a smiling face by the most approachable helpful staff. Everyone is always so nice and pleasure to deal with. Your support for the United Way over the years has been outstanding and as a Board Member I just want to tell you that you sincerely help so many. Thank you and keep up the good work!"
-Valerie Ciaccio

"Thank you Publix for all you do for the United Way of Hernando County. Publix is still my favorite store to shop for all of my groceries. It also was my very first job which was over 40 years ago and still today, Publix is very special to me."
-David Gonzalez

"Being a British expat for the last 8 years, I've really appreciated the extent of Publix's international ailse. In particular, the British section. It has given me huge amounts of comfort when I've had moments of missing my loved ones. But that's not the only reason why I truly love Publix. Every time I shop there, the service is exemplary. Staff are efficient, friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I don't think I've ever experienced such outstanding customer service anywhere else. Thank you so much Publix 😊"
-Kelly Gormley

"Thank you for everything that you do for our communities. It is refreshing to have a company that provides great products, customer service, and looks to make an impact in the community. Your desire to serve the communities in which you are located is so great that it goes from the in store employees all the way up to the corporate office. Thank you for everything you do each & every day."
-Eric Vanderham

"When we needed necessary items, we knew we could count on Publix, because we can always count on Publix. The stores are always neat, clean, and adequately stocked and the associates are consistently professional, helpful, and friendly. Aside from being a store I choose to shop at, I admire the time, effort, and funds that Publix puts into their community. Publix is one of a kind. It's recognized and appreciated by many! Thank you."

"As a former Publix Associate, thank you! I know it has been harder than usual to get out there and 'bleed green', but know how much you are appreciated in your community!"

"I want to say a big THANK YOU to Publix and all of their employees. Not only do they run a grocery store that is clean and full of friendly staff but everyone in their organization looks for ways to give back. I personally have seen this through their participation with Hernando County's United Way and donations for building homes through Hernando's Habitat for Humanity. I love how they are always giving back to their local community and it is just one of the reasons why I love Publix and shopping there!"

"I don't think that we can do everything that we are doing for our community without your constant support. Also, Thank you for the great quality and service that your company provides."

"I always find Publix Super Markets to be friendly, efficient, and supportive of their community members. Thank you for all that you do."

"Where would we be without Publix? Hernando County is a better place because of dedicated Publix associates. Thank you."

"THANK YOU for consistently supporting United Way!"

"I have served many years on the UW Board and continue to be impressed with the generous support from Publix. Countless Hernando Co. residents have benefited from the services YOU have funded! Please know our community appreciates your concern for others and your wonderful stores!! Yes, always a pleasure!! Many Thanks"
-Francine Ward

Thank You Publix!!

On behalf of 211 Hernando, I would like to thank Publix for all you do to support the community as well as the United Way. Your contributions to both help many people who are in desperate need.

Publix is a blessing to this community.

"Publix's slogan "Where shopping is a pleasure" is exactly how I feel each time go into MY Publix.

I know that I will find all the items I need and will be served in a timely manner in each department and when checking out. A New Generation is so thankful for the support of the Publix employees to the United Way. Your support allows us to equip students in Hernando County to make healthy choices for their future. Because of you students are making healthy choices which enables them to reach their goals and dreams. Thank you!"

The Arc Nature Coast has enjoyed our partnership with Publix over the years.

We purchase groceries for our 9 group homes at Publix and it truly is a pleasure to shop at your stores! We also appreciate that Publix supports inclusion by employing individuals with disabilities-we agree that employing individuals with disabilities brings value to the culture of the store and to the community! Thank you, Publix- for all that you do to support us, our community and United Way!

"A BIG thank you to Publix for supporting the United Way and community nonprofits in our area. At the Boys & Girls Clubs, kids that need us the most are paired with caring adult mentors due to a United Way grant we received. Struggling youth get extra support from mentors to help them overcome obstacles and learn how to build healthy relationships."

"Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center appreciates Publix Employees' support for the United Way and its Partner Agencies! Because of YOUR support, last year we were able to distribute over 22,000 diapers, to offer pregnancy and parenting education to our neighbors in Hernando County, to check 71 car seats to be sure our youngest residents are safe, and to administer 165 pregnancy tests. As a Pregnancy Resource Center, our goal is to help pregnant women have a healthy pregnancy which leads to healthy babies and in turn a healthy community, your dedication to supporting the United Way of Hernando County makes this a reality. Staff, volunteers, and clients all agree: Shopping at Publix is a pleasure! Thank you for making this true."

On behalf of Dawn Center of Hernando County, we would like to thank Publix Associates for #LivingUnited!

"Contributions from United Way's Community Investment Grant (fueled by your generosity) enabled Dawn Center to provide more than 16,000 units of service to more than 2,400 Hernando County survivors of domestic and sexual violence last year. We look forward to your ongoing partnership in helping to achieve our vision of a community free of violence and abuse. Thank you, Publix!"

"To Publix Employees:

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Inc. would like to thank you for your continued support of United Way of Hernando County. Your generous donations have enabled us to impact our community in so many important areas.

Because of your support of United Way of Hernando County we have assisted our clients in many ways: • Helping the deaf and hard of hearing to advocate for themselves
• Educating hearing people about the deaf community
• Training employers of the deaf and hard of hearing
• Helping deaf and hard of hearing to find a job
• Assisting deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to obtain free telephones and other assistive living devices

We shop at Publix and witness your continued support of the deaf and hard of hearing, both with your customers and employees. We are truly amazed at how you have been there for everyone during this pandemic. Your employees are an inspiration for all of us. We greatly appreciate Publix and United Way for bringing our community together. We love Publix."

Sincerely, The Board of Directors and Staff of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services of Florida, Inc.

"On behalf our the staff and Board, the Early Learning Coalition would like to thank Publix for their continued support of our mission and programs. We have been fortunate to receive grant funds to operate our START program for families. This program teaches and guides parents and caregivers through the Circle of Security program. Without the generosity of Publix, United Way of Hernando County wouldn't be able to support this valuable family education program."

Thank you!

Our program would like to thank Publix and its Associates for all the services they provide throughout the communities. We also like to thank them for the Christmas baskets that were donated to our programs that really helped out a lot of the program's families. Not to mention, the food was delicious, and thanks to UW for including us in this event for this year.

"At Jericho, we are so grateful for all the ways Publix partners with United Way and gives back to the community. Our mission of helping the hungry, the homeless, and the hurting. This would not be possible without partnering with agencies like United Way. Jericho was able to provide 4,500 boxes of food which fed 8,500 people last year because of the help of United Way and Publix. So thank you Publix and their associates!" 

"Thank you, Publix Stores & Associates, for being super heroes to people who are visually impaired and blind and to all LVIB staff. We are so appreciative of the grants, sponsorships, and personal pledges we receive from Publix and Publix Supermarkets Charities that help the Lighthouse meet its mission of educating, empowering, and employing people who are visually impaired and blind. We love shopping in your stores and introducing our clients to your customer service team. Lighthouse clients know they can trust Publix employees to help them find everything they need."

Here is a story about one of the clients you have helped: Nancy reached out because she was alone, her vision was deteriorating, and the pandemic made her feel anxious. She expressed frustrations about how vision loss disrupted her life—she could not read, access phone numbers, struggled to do the basics, and she had become very isolated. We started Nancy in our Independent Living Skills Program. She embraced her training and the resources we provided. She shared her enthusiasm every time she learned something new and was delighted to discover she could read using free audio books. Then she used other Lighthouse services which including technology training and our support group. Nancy has become an inspiration to others living with low vision. She may have lost one of her senses but she gained a sense of humor and is full of hope for whatever the future brings.

"Thank you for your strong commitment to community. You all make such a huge impact in Hernando County through your donations, volunteerism, and answering calls from people in need. You truly are one in a MILLION!!"

PUBLIX means:

P - Passionate Community Spirit!
U - Unbelievable Employee Enthusiasm!
B - Best Fried Chicken (wink, wink)!
L - Lasting Value to their Contributions!
I - Incredible Staff Participation!
X - eXtraordinary Generosity!

"For years, Publix Associates show they care about their community by contributing to United Way. Mid Florida Homeless Coalition is one of United Way of Hernando County's Partner Agencies, and we are especially grateful for all Publix Associates do. UW funds two programs for MFHC this year - one isn't pretty - it helps fund a database for Hernando agencies to enter data that in turn helps people receive assistance for rent, utilities, food, shelter, and many other things. The other program has literally kept people from living on the streets or in their car. It has paid for a motel room while the family waited for a home to be ready. It has paid for certified copies of birth certificates, so that an ID or social security card can be obtained so the person can get a job, or sign a lease. That's the real nitty gritty work we do at Mid Florida Homeless Coalition, and it couldn't be done without Publix Associates!! So THANK YOU!!"

"NAMI Hernando would like to share our greatest of appreciation for all that Publix does for our community. When you give to United Way you are not just giving to one organization but you are giving to all of the community partners collectively. As one of the community partners NAMI Hernando is able to educate our community members on how to recognize the sign and symptoms of mental health and substance use disorders. Early intervention is the key to recovery and we "Thank You" for unlocking the door and saving lives everyday.

We couldn't do it without the support of United Way and Publix!"

"People Helping People in Hernando County would like to sincerely thank all Publix for their continued generosity and commitment to assisting all social agencies in their quest to realize their respective missions. PHP has always been very thankful for all their help with food materials as well as their personal input and volunteer assistance. Agencies such as ours flourish with their true spirit of community. THANK YOU PUBLIX!!"

Barbara Nassar
PHP Weekend Blessings Coordinator

"Ladies and gentlemen, please accept our appreciation for your assistance in providing food donations, i.e. "goods in kind" to the needy of Hernando County. In an average month, each of the three Publix stores we have the opportunity to contact has been able to provide us with over two tons of valuable food!

It's our community's assurance of your supportive food donations and wonderful charitable activity that makes you such a welcome part of their lives and ours at the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry."

Thank you!

"Thank you for all the things you do for our community, from keeping the shelves stocked to the smiles that brighten customer's days! Your dedication and commitment to our community is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Your contributions help create New Beginnings for our youth.

We appreciate all of you and thank you for helping us grow!"

"Publix is such a great community partner and supportive entity in our community. Not only do we appreciate the employees that help support United Way but Publix helps partner and support several activities/events that the Y hosts each year for the community. We always have a pleasant experience when engaging with the local stores."