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Sarah's Story

Homeless Mother Reclaims Independence

A single mother of two children was referred to United Way by our partners at the school district. Sarah was traveling long hours to and from work, living in her van for over 2 months, and was 9 months pregnant. After her living situation with family became toxic, she made the difficult decision to uproot her 2 children and leave the home. Sarah had steady employment and was working over 30 hours a week but still couldn’t afford the first and last month’s rent, as well as deposits in order to move into a new safe home. After meeting directly with Sarah, it was clear to see she was a determined, strong mother, doing everything she could for her children. All she needed was someone to listen and someone to care enough to help. That’s where our United Way stepped in. We helped identify Sarah’s additional barriers and called on our community partners to collaborate on resources for her immediate needs. The Community Emergency Funds United Way assisted Sarah with was just what she needed. Sarah gave birth to her beautiful baby girl just four days after we moved her and her children into their new home. This child wasn’t born into homelessness and Sarah’s hope was restored.

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