2023-2025 Community Investment Grant (CIG) Eligibility



Spring Hill, FL – March 29, 2023 - United Way of Hernando County’s 2023-2025 Community Investment Grant (CIG) Eligibility Process is now open until April 30, 2023. Interested applicants must be a Hernando based health & human service organization, serve Hernando County residents, and align with United Way's Priority Areas through HEALTH, EDUCATION, FINANCIAL STABILITY, and/or BASIC NEEDS/CRISIS PREVENTION.

This CIG process is a 2-year grant cycle option, for those determined eligible at the end of year one. Applicants must complete the Eligibility Process online by logging in through United Way of Hernando County's e-CImpact grant portal and following the provided instructions. 

  • Agencies new to the Hernando e-CImpact portal must create an account and register their organization in order to proceed to the CIG Eligibility checklist and Program submission.
  • Agencies with an existing account must log in through Hernando's e-CImpact and select "Request Eligibility Process" in the far left column of the home page, where the Eligibility is to be completed. They will have the option to select from a list of their Program(s) previously applied for in the system or add a new one.

The following criteria must be met prior to Program funding being considered:

  • The applying Program must serve Hernando County, FL residents.

  • Programs requesting funding must be operational for at least one year prior to the CIG submission date.

  • The organization must have an all-volunteer Board of Directors (i.e. President/ED is a non-voting member)

  • Funded Programs will need to provide measurable outcomes, indicators, and community impact.

  • Considered Program applications will need to fall under one or more of United Way's identified Initiatives
    and Focus Areas.

  • The organization must be listed on 2-1-1 Hernando: UnitedWayHernando.org/211

  • The organization’s Program must have a balanced budget, approved by their Board of Directors annually, and
    demonstrate financial accountability.

  • The organization’s administrative/fundraising rate cannot exceed 25% in order to be considered.

  • The organization and applying Program must be in compliance with local, state and federal anti-discrimination

  • The organization's Program must comply with UWHC's Diversity Policy: UnitedWayHernando.org/Diversity

  • Applying faith-based organizations must provide services to all qualified community members, regardless of
    their denomination.

  • Duplication of Programs in Hernando County will be taken into consideration by the CIG Committee.

  • The organization must be able to explain expanded Program(s), if applicable.

  • The organization is expected to partner with United Way, incorporate United Way branding, and is expected to
    abide by the terms as indicated in the UWHC Affiliation Agreement & USA Patriot Act.

If the organization and Program(s) meet all criteria by the deadline of 5:00 PM on Sunday, April 30, 2023, qualified applicants will personally be contacted and invited to attend the virtual CIG Agency Workshop held the beginning of May 2023. This virtual workshop will include walk through and review of the online grant process through e-CImpact. Only then will organizations gain access to the 2023-2025 CIG Application. Please note that the virtual CIG Agency Workshop will be mandatory for all applicants.

True community impact cannot be accomplished alone. United Way strives each year to assure Community Investment Funds support needed Programs and services. Funding amounts are contingent upon actual donations received. 

  • HEALTH (30%)
  • EDUCATION (15%)

The percentage invested in each Priority Area is based on identified unmet needs and strategic planning. We thank Hernando for their continued support and Partner Programs for their local accomplishments.

Questions regarding this opportunity may be directed to the United Way of Hernando County office by calling 352-688-2026 or emailing Finance@UnitedWayHernando.org 


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