Stuff the Bus

United Way of Hernando County's 14th Annual Stuff the Bus will be held virtually throughout the month of July. Due to COVID-19, United Way has transitioned this community wide event to an online platform, allowing donors the opportunity to still purchase school supplies for our local classrooms. Hernando County residents will have the ability to shop for essential school supplies and purchase items such as pencils, glue sticks, paper, crayons, etc., and the supplies will be delivered right to United Way of Hernando County. There is even an option to donate gift cards and United Way will do the shopping for you. 


  1. Shop NOW through the end of July:
  2. In August, United Way will receive a shipment of purchased items.
  3. Based on the quantities received, each Hernando school will receive a personal delivery from United Way with appropriate supplies for grade levels.
  4. When school begins, teachers will have the opportunity to safely stock up their classrooms!

Helping Our Teachers Help Our Students

In 2007, United Way of Hernando County brought on the Annual Stuff the Bus program. For one weekend during the Summer, United Way of Hernando County, along with the Hernando County Transportation Department, places multiple buses throughout the community at participating locations. These school buses are manned with dedicated teachers and volunteers welcoming donated school supplies for Hernando County classrooms. This event brings much needed supplies to teachers and their students.

In 2019, UWHC provided over 150 classrooms with FREE school supplies to service Hernando County students. Part of United Way's philosophy is "Who knows better than teachers about classroom needs?" Stuff the Bus is an important component in giving teachers the tools needed to help children succeed in education!

Check out pictures from this year's STB event on United Way's facebook!

12th Annual Stuff the Bus | United Way of Hernando County from Nature Coast.TV on Vimeo.